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Beautiful homes deserve beautiful lighting systems and we offer one of the best.


The foundation of any Smart home system is the lighting control. It’s the logical backbone to which everything else is connected. Philips Dynalite has been designing and manufacturing lighting control equipment for more than 25 years and has always been at the forefront of the industry.


Ultrasound staff are highly trained and one of the few Philips Value Added Partners in Dubai.


A simple lighting control system gives you the power to completely transform your environment - create a mood to suit any occasion, define and highlight features, show off your home in its best light… all at a touch of a button


Dynalite keypads are modern and intuitive and come in a wide range of finishes and button configurations to suit the most demanding of interior designers.

Their latest range of control panels is the first available from any manufacturer that combines a built in temperature sensor, proximity sensor, and light sensor.

The buttons on the control panels can be programmed to control anything you want including:

  • Lights (Filament, LED, Fluorescent, and colour changing)

  • Power sockets

  • Curtains, sun blinds, shutters

  • Gates

  • Access control, security

  • Temperature control: heating, cooling and ventilation

  • Audio, video, TV, home theater

  • Communication with Gardening sprinklers, fountains.

The Philips Dynalite home automation system is high quality, flexible, feature rich, and one of the most price competitive systems available.

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