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Ultrasound are extremely pleased to be involved in this spacious luxury villa on the beautiful Island of Mauritius. It is our most ambitious project to date due its remote location.


The property, which is still under construction is located within the Heritage resort development and overlooking the multi-award winning championship Heritage golf course  which is  located in the southern part of the island.


We have been working on this project from the early stages where our scope was primarily consultancy, however, as the project has progressed the client has requested we take on the role of supply and installation of most of the technical aspects of the work including lighting control, audio and video distribution, home cinema, nightclub sound system, CCTV, networking and WiFi.


The Client has increased the overall living space of the villa by taking the unusual step of adding a basement to the design. This idea was a first for any villa on the resort and has allowed the owner to install a "play area" that includes a professional Brunswick two lane bowling alley, 12 seater home cinema with 4K projection and  180" screen, Club area with 2400 watts of audio power, Bar area with wine cellar and video wall and a snooker table with seating areas.

The villa has by far the highest number of lighting circuits of any project we have so far dealt with and has an incredible 300 individual circuits throughout the villa including most rooms having full control of RGBW in the ceiling coves via the Dynalite keypad.

More details will be shared once we have completed this project.


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