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Jumeriah Golf Estates - Cinema

We were contacted by the owner of this JGE villa to see if we could design and install a Home Theatre in the basement of the property and work within a tight budget using as much of his legacy AV equipment as possible.

The room itself was a good size, but with the tiled floor and concrete walls, it was clear that we would need acoustic treatment to kill the echo. The client also wanted the speakers to be hidden and not on view.

A new gypsum ceiling was put in place to cover the skylight and help with the original multi level slab. The new ceiling allowed us to run cables for the speakers and projector as well as add in a circuit for the new downlights.

The installation included a false front wall with acoustically transparent material which allowed us to discreetly place the front speakers and subwoofers and AV system out of sight.

We included acoustic treatment panels designed to look like old movie posters which we backlit with LED to make them really stand out.  

All the individual components and services such as lighting, Curtains and AV system were added into a simple and easy to use iPad control  system.

Equipment Used:

Denon AVR-X 2300 Surround processor and amplifier

Samsung BD player

Epson EH TW9300 Full HD / 3D projector

Sony PS3 Game station

RTI XP-6  Control processor

Philips Dynalite DDMC802 Multi purpose lighting module

Apple iPad mini​

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