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VIP Yacht , Mina Rashid, Dubai. - AV and lighting control, Savant Control Package.

We were pleased to be able to offer our services again on another beautiful yacht moored in Dubai.

This 52.7m yacht was built by Golden Yachts in 2008 and can accommodate 12 guests in 7 cabins and a generous master suite.


The existing tv and music distribution system were controlled by a combination of handheld remotes and iPads. The package needed to updated as it had become slow and needed to be continually rebooted to function correctly.

Additionally, all set top boxes needed to be replaced as the existing boxes were designed for use in Europe did not work here in the Middle East.

The client originally wanted us to re-program the existing control system, but this would have been a costly and time consuming process as we couldn't access the program to make the necessary modifications.

We offered to setup a demo Savant system in the main cabin to let the owner get a clearer understanding of how the Savant would control the Audio, video and lighting system.


I'm pleased to say after a week of using the demo system,  the client agreed for Ultrasound to completely upgrade to control package to Savant.

Equipment Used:

Savant Smart host and license

Savant Pro multi room remote with base station

Savant SSC-0012-00 Smart controllers

Oneiro pic.jpeg
Oneiro pic 2.jpg
Oneiro pic 3.jpg
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